The ultimate simplicity.

The BubblyNet App works as one of the user interfaces in a Bluetooth Mesh system, as the commissioning tool and as well as a remote gateway. The BubblyNet App works with iOS as well as Android devices, like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. App is free to download.

The App is designed by proficient User Interface expert with Simplicity as the main goal. The App can be accessed, depending on the credentials, at different levels of complexity making it extremely intuitive for the end user (USER level) as well as powerful and sophisticated for the control professional (PRO level).

Powerful and Sophisticated

Simplicity as the main goal


Grouping lighting fixtures is very simple. A fixture can be grouped in different groups and groups can be grouped. Groups can easily be renamed and assigned to a switch, a dimmer or other specific interface.


Specific levels of dimming, color tuning, etc. can be set for single fixtures or for groups and saved for later use, activated by a switch, a sensor or the clock.

Durations and transitions between scenes can be set for sophisticated effects.


Dimming of light fixtures and groups can be as simple as sliding or tapping of one finger on the touch screen of any user interface or as technically precise (at PRO level) as determining the exact logarithmic curve intended for the effect.


Warm Dimming function and technology allows for LED sources to mirror the behavior of legacy sources. As a result, bright light (3000K) accentuates color contrast with crisp whites while dimmed down light is very gentle on the skin tones and natural materials approaching at the lower lighting levels the color rendition of a candle light (1800K). Hospitality customers have been using this technology with great results.


Tunable White control and technology allow for the ultimate in white light flexibility. Intensity and color temperature are selectable independently. Tunable White control paired with light sensors and clock functions allow to emulate natural light variations along the day and have been demonstrated to influence positively the Circadian Rhythm of the guests and employees.


Clock and calendar functions are available either on-line or stand alone with all advanced user interfaces as wall mounted touch screens.


Light sensors are assigned to groups allowing for automatic functions as dimming and white tuning.


Occupancy sensors can be assigned to fixtures and groups resulting in automatic events as lights ON, scene activations and more.


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